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With 20+ years of experience in interior/exterior painting and renovations AG Creations Residential is ready to assist you with achieving a fresh look for your home. Professionalism, clear communication, and attention to detail are just a few of the attributes you can expect when choosing to allow us to assist you in your projects for painting, flooring, cabinets, lighting, or kitchen and bathroom upgrades. AG understands that a home is more than just a space with walls ceilings and floors that are functional, it is a space to have a personal sanctuary as well as a place to entertain guest while demonstrating a personal expression.

AG Creations will work with you as the home owner to understand your wants and needs by provide recommendations so you can have a home you can feel comfortable in with affordable work being performed.


Safety is a primary concern and demonstrated by maintaining COR and Contractor Check accreditation is for AG Creations. All work is performed in a safe manner to protect the family whose home is being renovated as well as the workers performing the work. A day completed safely is a day completed successfully.

Covid-19 Procedures in Place

In response to Covid-19, AG Creations has put the following practices and procedures in place such as; additional cleaning and sanitizing practices, daily health check-ins, social distancing and PPE (masks, gloves) usage as necessary. These procedures are monitored and updated as measured by the various levels of government.

Interior/Exterior Painting

Painting is more than just apply color to a surface. Having the right product on various surfaces along with an appropriate color, will make anyone’s home comfortable as well as having durable finishes. Whether there is a desire to change colors in a few rooms, or change the entire color scheme of a home, AG Creations Residential Services will provide free quotations based on the client’s desires. Consulting services are also provided to ensure that a desired result will blend in with existing flooring, cabinets and artwork.

AG Creations Residential | Interior/Exterior Painting
AG Creations Residential | Flooring


Often flooring can be chosen because of color or texture. Although these factors are important, durability and wearability are also important to consider along with pets or allergies that a family member may have. AG Creations will address these issues to ensure that the proper products are chosen that are pleasing and meet the home owners’ needs while maintaining budgets and minimizing disruptions.

Demolition, Excavation and Landscaping

Whether there is a drainage issue, a foundation repair needed, or some landscaping upgrades desired, AG Creations Residential Services can provide quality workmanship inside and out to address these needs. Too often homeowners will want to put plants in or add a feature that can later cause water pooling in a yard. AG will address all drainage concerns while making the yard welcoming and pleasing.

Demolition can include something as small as the removal of a wall or as large as an entire building being removed. Excavation can be performed to conduct structural reinforcement in basement walls, and to provide adequate drainage for finished grades and landscaping projects.

AG Creations Residential Services | Demolition, Excavation and Landscaping
AG Creations Residential Services | Fixture Installation and Upgrades or Entire Renovations

Fixture Installation and Upgrades or Entire Renovations

AG Creations can support your renovation requirement from small upgrades of fixtures to complete interior and exterior change over and additions. With all upgrades, energy consumption is considered in the design to minimize energy consumption for both electrical and mechanical features. These considerations are included in any recommendations for renovation projects. By combining both function and style AG Creations will work with the homeowners to balance desired appearance with function and budget.

Millwork can provide added depth and texture to walls with built in cabinets, shelves and moldings. Electrical fixtures can be upgraded to maintain consistency and flow. AG can also upgrade current plumbing and provide stylish fixtures to meet our client’s budgets.

AG Creations Residential Services appreciates the opportunity to be a part of your home project and we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Whatever the painting or renovation needs may be, we look forward to assistance on these home projects.

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